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TradeEU Global is always about the trader. We respect not only your trading ambitions but also your background as a trader. This is the reason we created our Islamic trading account, in accordance with the Riba principles of Sharia law, allowing you to keep your positions open overnight with no night rollover fees. Trade over 350 asset CFDs of your choice, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Islamic account for trading according to the Sharia law

Islamic trading account was designed by TradeEU Global to offer you prime access to the markets without having to worry about trading issues that may go against the Riba principles of Sharia law.

No overnight rollovers, and no hidden fees to prevent you from trading in the Islamic style. All the benefits of execution speed and trading conditions are here for you. Trade on CFDs on commodities, metals, FX pairs, stocks, indices, or cryptos with grace.

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Start you Muslim market journey in 3 simple steps
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Sign up – Fill out the form to get verified and confirmed

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Deposit – Fund your account without any commissions

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Apply – Send us the request about the Islamic account set up


Frequently asked questions about Islamic trading account