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Join TradeEU Global - we unite the trading community under one roof, empowering traders to start their trading journey and explore the markets together.

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With a reliable and secure trading partner, rest assured that trustworthiness and reliability are at the core of our partnership.

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Zero trading commissions

Transparency at your fingertips, with no additional trading fees.

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  • Gold
    2022.07 -2,270000 (-0,11%)

Start your trading journey with us

Sign up for our top-tier trading platform, created to start your trading journey smoothly. It comes equipped with user-friendly controls, advanced features and educational materials to help you explore the markets.
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    Innovative Technology

    Modern trading platform with advanced features.

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    Wide Range of Instruments

    Diverse selection of financial instruments for all types of traders.

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    Caring Support

    Attentive and dedicated customer support, available 24/5.

4 custom trading accounts to suit your expertise

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Our Silver account beckons, opening the gateway to the world of markets.

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Embody the Gold account, where opportunities soar to new heights.

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Dive into the epitome of prestige - our pinnacle of elite trading offerings awaits your presence.

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Our Islamic account opens doors for traders seeking a harmonious journey.

Your trading experience is our first priority

We ensure that our platform meets all regulatory requirements and applies the latest trading technology to maximize reliability for our clients.
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    Regulated Broker

    TradeEU Global is a broker, authorized and regulated by FSC.

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    Payments Range

    We offer a range of payment methods, choose the most comfortable for you.

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    Support team

    TradeEU Global customer support team supports you throughout your entire trading journey.